The Bike Bank is an Exeter Community Initiatives project that has been running since 2013 and has two main aims:

      To create a supportive workshop environment where vulnerable adults can learn practical skills in refurbishing bikes for the benefit of others.  These are our Trainee Mechanics.

       To offer refurbished bikes to people at affordable prices for well-being, exercise or as a means to get to work.  Many bikes will be made available at minimum cost via a voucher system similar to that used by Food Banks.


We can be found at Exeter Bike Workshop in Market Street, with our charity partners Julian House.

The Bike Bank is run by Andy Southcott and is supported by a team of volunteer mechanics.  These are people with an interest and some experience of bicycle maintenance as well as the capacity to support and mentor others.

Why we set up the Bike bank?

We recognise that there are an increasing number of people who want to be involved in meaningful occupation but there are few opportunities.  Some people may have very high needs but they want the chance to do something for others.

The focus on ‘hands on’ learning in a supportive environment creates something very powerful for people.

Trainee mechanic Paul, 53, who had had spells of being homeless, wanted to be part of something where it didn’t matter that he couldn’t read or write well but could use the skills he had at ‘fixing’ things.  Kevin, who successfully completed the training course, said: “‘I really wanted to come back and help fix up more bikes and help other people.”

Trainee Mechanics

To find out more about our Trainee Workshop Programme which offers practical skills in bike repair contact Carole on 01392 284280 or click here for more information and an application form.

The Referral Scheme

At the Bike Bank we run a referral scheme for those that would benefit from the use of a bike at a discounted price. Referrals must be made by an appropriate agency.

For more info please contact Jane Hawking on 01392 284280